Tenant/Buyer Representation

Are You In The Market For A Commercial Property?
If so, let one of our experienced agents represent you in the acquisition of your new facility. We will handle all of the details from start to finish, including a survey of available properties, site tours, proposal submissions, negotiations of lease/sale prices and assistance with lease/contract documents. Our services are provided to the tenant/buyer at no cost. We simply split the existing fee with the listing agent of the property. Contact Us to discuss your property requirements.

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Landlord/Seller Representation

Do You Own Commercial Property In Maryland?
If so, and you need to lease or sell it, we can help you. Our experienced team of professionals can lease or sell your property to a qualified party with minimum interruptions to your busy schedule. No prospect is lost due to inexperience as all of our agents have been in the business for at least ten (10) years. Contact Us to discuss your property.

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